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Karun4 Dam

In this section the project is introduced in the form of following items:

  • Specifications of Karun 4 Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant
    • Targets
    • History and background of the project
    • Location and general layout of project
    • River specifications
    • Features


  • Regulation of Karun River water with the discharge of 3.7 billion m3/year
  • Controlling destructive floods and overflows of Karun River
  • Generating hydroelectric energy of about 2107 billion kw/h.


History and background

The preliminary studies of Karun 4 Project were carried out in 1967 in the frameworks of water resources development project and general planning of Karun River catchment area resources by Harza International Consultant. The contract of first and second phases of project studies, which is concluded between Mahab Qods Consulting Engineers and IWPC, is in its final stage. It should be mentioned that due to complexity of the project during second phase studies, the French Company of Koine Bleiye has also supervised and approved the project studies as the assistant company.


Location and general layout

Karun 4 reservoir dam is located in Charmahal & Bakhtyari Province with 180 kilometer distance to south-west of Shahrekord City and 4 kilometer distance to downstream of Armand and Bazoft Rivers conjunction.


River specifications

Karun River is the most watery and the longest river of Iran which originates from Zagros Chain Mountains. In downstream of Gatvand diversion dyke this river enters into Khuzestan Plain and finally joins Persian Gulf. In recent decades electricity generation potential of this river is highly taken into consideration and expanded efforts are carried out for actualization of this potential. One of these efforts is construction the Karun Dams Series for controlling floods of this river and generating hydroelectric energy.


  •  The first dam on Karun River
  •  The highest concrete dam under constructions
ِDevices Type Type Type
Quantity Quantity Quantity
Shotcrete T-260 T-263 T-262
3 1 2
Fans JF70 SF-1200 JF90
2 2 1
Inection Pump
T800 T725 Jobin
1 4 2
Equipment Accessories THP403 Nozel Plane
4 1 1