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240 is a fully automatic machine and it has the lowest outlet flow, lowest weight and simplest method of utilization among all products in company. In general, 240 is proposed for shotcrete implementation in projects in which the wittiness is more important than other parameters.  240 as a refractory gunning machine is very useful and applicable in refractory applications for all industries where refractory gunning and repairs are an essential demand. These applications are included:

  • Performance of concrete splashing on the polystyrene walls which armed with steel grid or 3D panels in industrial and aggregate constructions.
  • Concrete Splashing in small galleries and municipal sewage tunnels.
  • Refractory materials and powder spraying on the inner layer of furnaces.

The important features:

  • The usage of simple building materials, sand 0-6 or 0-8 without using up screen.
  • Low weight and small dimensions with the precise selection of required compressor, it can be easily reached to over 400 square meters of concrete splashing in a working shift of 8 hours with an average thickness of 5 cm. And 3D related to the working conditions is on the scaffoldings and wall panels. Hose connection with an average length of 20 meters, will let operator use the entire length of it.
Material Rotor Volume Drive Conveying Capacity Conveying Distance Hose Grading
Dry              Wet Liter M3/h(Min-Max) H                         V mm mm
*                * 1.2



Electric 0.75



>150                 >60

>30                   >30




0-8 Max 10

0-10 Max15

0-15 Max 20