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Injection pump 800 is a fully automatic machine which can mix any ratio of water and cement or the same materials. An electromotor with a gearbox supplies the required energy for the rotor movement. Dry materials are guided to the mixer by a rubber spiral and the required water is sprayed to the mixing from the external system of nozzles mounted in the chamber mixer.

Then the mixing is guided to the main spiral part of the pump and sprayed out. Injection can be existed in any condition by this machine.

The applications of this machine are:

  • Injection of rock bolt by paste method with cement or grout.
  • Injection of rock bolt by slurry method.
  • Spraying of cement mortar or its counterparts such as plaster.


Delivery rate Delivery distance Delivery pressure Electric supply Weight weight Without Dismantled Parts
1/h m  bar V Kg Kg
400-2400 Max.60 Max.60 380 234 134