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250 is a fully automatic machine and of the dry concrete spraying plant series which has a lot of efficiency in underground projects and also water tunnels due to the simplicity of its electrical and mechanical systems. This simplicity can be observed on the electrical board of device. The rotor of this machine has 10 holes with the capacity of 10 liter. The outlet diameter is 2 inches and usable for hoses with 2 or 2.5 inches diameter. Using this device is recommended in cases where the material is completely dry because the direct contact of air flow with the materials in the discharging funnel is done through some small holes.

Low height of rotor increases the device efficiency and converts it to one of the best-selling shotcrete machine.


Material Rotor Volume Drive Conveying Capacity Conveying Distance Hose Grading
Dry              Wet Liter M3/h(Min-Max) H                         V mm mm
        * 10 Electric 2 – 5 >300                 >100 50 0-8 Max 15