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252 is a simple and automatic machine and of the dry concrete spraying plant series. The design of this device is based on 250, except that its output flow rate is increased. This means that the electric gearbox and electrical board are the same as 250, and increasing the transmission of materials is possible by adding 16 liter rotor and lifting the main legs and jack bolts. Using 252 is suggested in cases that dry sand is available. The important point is that device is lighter than 260 and has stronger rotor and outlet flow in comparison with 250.

The special electromotor used in this machine that has a high angular velocity from 700 to 900 rpm and two separate windings. In other electrometers the second speed is also supplied with the same winding which made the electrical board very complicated, and if one winding does not work, the second one also stop working and the whole electromotor will become defective.

Material Rotor Volume Drive Conveying Capacity Conveying Distance Hose Grading
Dry              Wet Liter M3/h(Min-Max) H                         V mm mm
       * 16 Electric 4 – 8 >300                 >100 50 0-8 Max 15