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260 is the most complete dry shotcrete that has been widely welcomed due to the facilities available to the customer. These features can be mentioned as follow:

  • Possibility of using both low and high speed for electromotor.
  • One of low or high speed can be chosen due to the special weight of input materials or volume of outlet flow.
  • Different design of outlet system. The air flow does not contact directly with the materials and the materials chamber is separate from the air chamber. One of the advantages of this system is no need for daily visits and ensure the air duct is not blocked.
  • Facilitate the movement of heavy equipment parts, replacement of rubber plates and services for the operator.
Material Rotor Volume Drive Conveying Capacity Conveying Distance Hose Grading
Dry              Wet Liter M3/h(Min-Max) H                         V mm mm
       * 16 Electric 7 – 10 >300                 >100 50 – 70 0-8 Max 15