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725 pump is a continuous device for injection of slush and mortar uniformly with grain size of 8 mm and different ratio of water and cement or sand.

725 has 3 main parts:

  • Slimy material mixer

In this part water is mixed with some materials like cement, grout etc. in high speed and quality. And the particles of rock etc. to the size of 8 mm can be added to the mixing. In 725 it is possible to mix and maintain 3 types of dry materials with water.

  • Mixer or solution maintenance

The chamber in 725 is designed in a way that the outlet mixer of slimy materials can be kept the same as the primary quality because the quality of injected solution is very important in civil projects. However the uniform input can be supplied by this reservoir which is equipped with propeller for stirring the dissolved materials. This mixer works with the slow rotation of the special propeller and also produces a uniform solution and also exclusion of air bubbles is provided.

  • The main part of pump and hydraulic system

High different range of viscosity of fluids can be provided and ready to pump with this fully hydraulic system. The produced pressure can be controlled by hydraulic system (APC) and outlet is also adjustable based on the type of service. The pump of 700 series with different pistons and capability of replacement in short time supplies wide range of performance for operator.

plunger unit dia. capacity max.(w/c=1) pressure, max. pressure, min. particle size, max electric motor
mm m3/h  bar bar mm KW
105 9 68 1.5 8 9.2 (50 Hz)

10.5 (60 Hz)